#Health: Why Some People Drink more Coffee than Others


Did you know that your urge for coffee may be tied to your genes?

Coffee may not be as popular as cocoa (hot chocolate) in Western African countries like Nigeria; but, for some Nigerians living abroad, it is necessary. Some people depend on their daily doses to stay alert at work. Well, researchers have discovered that your urge to stop by Starbucks may be linked to your genes. People with a particular type of gene do not need to drink as much coffee to get a caffeine hit. 

Just like some folks only need 2 bottles of beer to feel drunk; for another, it may take 8 bottles to feel the alcohol. Coffee is similar.

Scientist found a certain variation of gene called PDSS2. This variation reduces the body’s ability to break down caffeine which causes it to remain in a person’s system longer. Those people without this form of gene metabolize caffeine more quickly; as a result, they are more likely to have an extra cup each day.

The study was done by researchers at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Trieste, Italy. They examined the DNA of approximately 3,000 coffee drinkers in the Netherlands and Italy.

Participants were asked to complete a survey about how many cups of the hot drink they had each day. They found an average Italian person with the DNA variation tends to drink one less cup of coffee a day than those without it.

Dr. Nicola Pirastu, from the University of Edinburgh, said: “The results of our study add to existing research suggesting our drive to drink coffee may be embedded in our genes. We need to do larger studies to confirm the discovery and also to clarify the biological link between PDSS2 and coffee consumption.”

The findings were published in the Journal Scientific Reports.


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