Back-to-School Calculator Helps Parents with Sleep Schedule for their Kids


It is genius when someone thinks of new ways to make other people’s lives better…like this new sleep schedule calculator!

This smart calculator creates a sleep schedule to get kids ready to wake up early to go back to school. Also, it is easy to use; parents simply enter their child’s age, the typical times they go to bed and wake up during the school holidays, and what time they need to wake up in the term-time.

This special calculator, published by Web Blinds creates a tailored sleep schedule for parents, spanning the nights left of their child’s holiday.

This outlines the ideal time the child should go to sleep and wake up at to ease them into their term-time routine.

Explaining the results, the company,, say children of different ages need different amounts of sleep to feel refreshed and alert in the morning.

“Long periods of changeable sleep patterns can make bedtime routines difficult to adapt. So, the Back-to-School Sleep Calculator generates personalized sleep schedules, using a child’s age, their typical bedtime in the school holidays, the time they wake in the school holidays, the date their new school term starts and the time they need to get up during the new school term,” says the sleep nanny and supporter of the calculator. Check out more from Web Blinds.


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