Is There Really an Afterlife? Scientists Refute Stories on Out-of-Body Experience


Do you believe an afterlife exists? Well, a doctor claims he recently had an out-of-body experience during his life-saving surgery. And he’s telling everyone all about it…

A recent study from Scientists disprove the concept of out-of-body experiences. Oliver Sacks, a famed neurologist reported them as hallucinations. Check out the doc’s story first……

Dr Rajiv Parti was rushed into the emergency room at UCLA Medical Center on Christmas Eve in 2010 after complications removing his pancreatic cancer. Medics had given him a catheter to wear since he lost control of his bodily functions. But within hours, he had developed sepsis. His groin became red, swollen, sore, and he had a 105-degree fever. The next day, after being sedated overnight with morphine, he was wheeled into the operating room.

That’s when he saw what he believes was ‘the afterlife’. Dr. Parti described the supposed ‘details of heaven’ in his new book, Dying To Wake Up.

Last year, researchers at the Karolinska Institute found that there are specific areas of the brain that light up with activity “according to where in the room a person thought they were – mimicking the effect of hallucinogenic drugs.” But despite his 33 years of experience and training in science and medicine, Dr Parti is convinced he has seen heaven. He gives more detail of the account on his website.

When he woke up, surgeons confirmed the joke he remembered they made during his surgery. Skeptics deny this is a confirmation of afterlife or out-of-body experience; rather, they believe the patient picked up details of his surroundings while he was half-asleep.

One of the most amazing parts is when Dr. Parti’s mom affirmed that the scene he saw during surgery about his childhood in India was really true.

Arvid Guterstam, a neuroscientist at the Karolinska Institute and lead author of the study, said: ‘The sense of being a body located somewhere in space is essential for our interactions with the outside world and constitutes a fundamental aspect of human self-consciousness. Our results are important because they represent the first characterization of the brain areas that are involved in shaping the perceptual experience of the bodily self in space.

There are several people who have claimed to see visions, dreams, or scenes of “Heaven”. Some have been disproved. It is hard to tell which is truthful, hallucinations, or downright fake.

What do you think…Is there really such a thing as ‘after-life’? 


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