Music Review: GOLD by Adekunle Gold


Adekunle Gold

Gold Album
Artist – Adekunle Gold
Label – YBNL
Year – 2016

Adekunle is one of the artist that I believe may truly redefine the standards of Nigerian Music. While others are out here singing “Shabba” and “Pana”; the young man has decided to make music with resonating content. His song writing skill is no doubt top-notch. He builds a universal theme around his music and carefully arranges this music with sing-along choruses that make them irresistible.

The Gold intro sets the tone for what would be a wonderful listen; the keyboard easily hitting the chords progressively to augment rhythmic values. My Life is going to be everyone’s favorite, the modern high-life is rich in content directed to haters of his success. Listen carefully to the lead and bass guitar and there is no way you can ignore the drums on this one as well. Beautiful Night is welcomed by the horns with soft playing talking drums in the back ground – a love song I will love to sing to my wife each night.

Orente has been around for a while, and we cannot deny Pheelz did an excellent job with that track. A heart-broken Adekunle Gold sings about a lost lover on Nurse Alabere, in his pain he screams for the Nurse to come to his aid. I think you would appreciate that the softness of the instruments on this track makes it easier to pick out his words. The drums also came on the track at a very good time. Let me take a few minutes to mention that the album was mixed by Simi; excellence!

Friend Zone increases the album’s tempo. We are not new to this kind of assembly by Pheelz. However, the strings did the magic. My favorite line from Adekunle is when he said “don’t call me uncle, I am only 31”. Singing pop but still sticking to his own kind of sound is Adekunle Gold’s strongest points as he did on Paradise.

No forget is absolute wonder you will never forget, this duet with Simi is beautiful. The arrangement of this song is everything. Simi maintains a high level of creativity that many artiste we consider successful don’t have. Listen to the song.

Pick Up has been play data’s most played track for weeks consecutively, Nigerians are in love with this song. Work is something different, with increased tempo while still not losing its originality. On Temptation, he displays himself as a master storyteller easily transitioning between moods that drips of emotion.

Ariwo Ko is definitely different, Mr Adekunle bragging about success sustained through hard work while still returning praises to Baba God. Listen to the song below:

Fight For You is another great song. It started out with Pheelz signature drums providing direction for Adekunle’s delivery of this story on temptation; and again, the arrangement is amazing. The problem with Ready was that it was too similar to Pick Up in production and even its progression; however still a sing along beauty.

Sweet Me was produced by MasterKraft and is also a high-life masterpiece. Sade is a bonus track on this album probably because it’s been around for a long time. However, every listen still sounds so fresh.

Since the album landed, I have listened to it so many times that my apple music playlist might start to scratch like audio CD. If that ever happens (sarcastically), I will wipe out the enter play list and start all over. The album is that beautiful.

Score: 9/10 (taking out that 1 because pick up and ready sounded too similar)

If you’ve listened to the album, how would you rate it?

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