New Video: Darey Art-Alade – Pray For Me


Darey - Pray For MeOne of the best musician/performer to come out of Nigeria in recent times, Darey Art-Alade has just released the video to his hit song “Pray For Me” and he features Nollywood veteran couple Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva.

Pray For Me video, directed by Mex, is by far the most emotional music video I have seen in a long time. It’s very melancholic. It will most likely be a be a song for ages. Darey, though his music is under-appreciated, has cemented his place in the history of good Nigerian music with this song.

The video tells a powerful story that a lot of us Africans living in diaspora can relate to. We all have that moment when we say it’s time to leave home, sometimes against our parents’ wish. We want to go out there and see what the world is like…see if the world is ready for you.

This story-telling masterpiece which tells a powerful, positive story of victory against all odds, had me in teary eyed. I can 100 percent relate.

Watch and share your thoughts.



  1. Avatar

    I must agree!!! That was an awesome song and video!!! Your words in the review made me want to watch and listen! Great song ?

  2. Avatar

    When a man is hearing a distant drumbeat and dancing to it ..yet his associates,families,friends ..cannot hear such beat,talk less dance to it..,he’s often perceived as heady and insane! And if I may add,like Apostle Peter,many cannot and will not WALK ON WATER with Jesus,IF and WHEN they are not ready to venture into the unknown!
    However you venture,do it in God!!!
    GO! The whole world belongs to your Father-God! Explore,Enjoy…and conquer!

    Beautiful song!

    • Kelyn

      Thanks lady P and Ola…I absolutely agree. The song is very inspirational…the type you don’t hear much of in the Nigerian community.