LOL! Patrick Obahiagbon Comments on Obasanjo Greeting Ooni of Ife


In his characteristic manner, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon – the Grammarian General of the Federation – took to his Facebook page to comment on former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, 82, prostrating to the Ooni of Ife, who is 42 years old.

Sharing the news on Facebook, Patrick Obahiagbon said:

The OKIKIOLAKAN’s avuncular gesture of humility devoid of his De Die In Diem obtrusivity and obstreperousness is deservable of both eulogies and panegyrics and I am consensus ad idem with him that the Ooni of Ife is a non pareil epiphanic emblematization of an avatar seised of a sui generis Heirophantic mission….I wish this Ooni well and may the Celestial choir and Cosmic hosts grant him good health,peace profound,intrepidity,mental and spiritual discernment as he holds aloft his incandescent flambeau….God bless the Ooni….

Patrick Obahiagbon

Can someone please translate this? LOL. I love one of the comments on the post:


This use of grammar is not child’s play at all….lol



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    gbogbo diaspora on

    Can somebody please shut this is so called Mr. Patrick Obahiagbon? every word that ever comes out of his mouth is meaningless. Its high time he stopped thinking he’s well educated. please Patrick Obahiagbon, stop making fool of yourself. you neither attend Oxford university nor Harvard university…. i doubt it if you could ever gain an offer into the University of Ibadan. please and please stop being foolish with your vocabularies.
    That does not represent Nigerians to the face of the world………