Mayowa iD – “Nae Nae in an African Home” [Funny Video]


Have you ever tried to teach your parents a trendy dance move or song? If you have not, don’t try it because the embarrassment that follows enh….it has no part two. Lol.

In his latest comedy skit, Mayowa iD, an upcoming comedian to watch out for, stars as Papa Mayeed and Junior. As the two characters attempt the 2015 hit song, “Nae Nae“, the result is hilarious. Mayowa iD is based in Dallas, Texas, and he took to social media to share his comical skill after his real wedding dance video went viral last year [2015] with over 1.3 million views on Nigerian Wedding’s Page alone. Check it out here.

Special thanks to BringJoy Production for the video.

Watch, enjoy, and don’t be stingy – share the laughter with your family and friends!

Source: Mayowa iD YouTube


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