Donald Trump: Ban Me? Well, I’ll Just Withdraw my 700M Investment


Donald Trump has mouth…more than that, he has money. We all know the old saying: “Money is Power.”

Here’s the scoop: Over 500,000 people signed a petition demanding the billionaire be barred from Britain after he claimed police were afraid to enter areas of London because of radical Islam.

Trump also asked for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” after the San Bernardino shooting in California was through married extremists.

Today [Thursday], the controversial business mogul was accused of ‘holding the UK to ransom’ after he warned he will not put any more money into his two Scots golf course – that’s a $700 million investment into UK.

The Trump Organization issued the warning after it was discovered UK was actually debating whether or not Trump should be allowed back into Britain on January 18 at Westminster Hall.


source: dailymail (read more)


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