New Skit: Washing Plates Courtesy (African v. American)


There are some things that are simply cultural.

Dami Olatunde aka AphricanApe (@aphricanape06) shows us the difference between how Africans treat their guests versus Americans. Featuring Segun Pryme, most of us can relate with this scenario.

In an American home, your guest dare not wash their plates after eating; after all, you’re the host and most likely you invited them. Most people don’t just show up in your house; they make appointment…right?

For Africans in diaspora, the cultural “courtesy” is still there; so, after your guest is done eating, both of you end up arguing over who will wash the dishes. In Africa? or rather Nigeria?

This hilarious skit shows you what happens when your friend comes over and attempts to do the dishes after eating – African style versus American.

After you watch the funny video, tell us what you think. Laugh and share!


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