Amber K’s Corner: Men in Suits & Other Things


So the other day I had a long gist session with one of my friends. We talked about so many things including this disease Ebola, that seems to be making some people act ignorant these days, as though every African is a suspect. But I’ll leave that story for another day. During our conversation a young man’s name came up  and while we discussed further I had a moment of self-realization.

See this guy attended my church for a while and then faded into thin air. Due to his fine boy looks he got the attention of so many girls at church. He would come in late and make his way majestically to the front. Not only is this guy really tall and handsome, he dresses well and talks well too. And to make matters worse, he always rode the finest cars to church. My best was the Lamborghini. Who could ever beat that? A Lamborghini to an African church??!!!. When I say this guy had ladies acting all sorts of ways all in a bid to get his attention I mean no joke. Even my baby sister attested to having a crush on him at some point.

So I went on and on telling my friend of how much dust this guy raised in church with his fine boy swag and all and then it hit me. How come I never looked at him that way?  Abi me I no like fine boy or na only these other girls waka come?. Of all the answers in this world that I could have had to this question, all my head could come up with was….. ” I never saw him in a suit”.

“Suit?. Haba!!! Suit ke”. But that’s the truth. I never saw him in a suit. He always had a nice pair of jeans and a shirt to go with it. Everything he put on always looked expensive…his shoes, wrist watch, pants, shirt and even his hair cut. But then I never saw him in a suit. No man ever completed my husband material grading  until I saw him in a suit. For me nothing beats a handsome man in a piece of suit and a tie. You can go to Zara and buy all the jeans and the shirts that they have, but until you wear that suit, your case is pending.

Call  me old school but for me there is something about this style of dressing that makes a man seem very responsible, calm, mature and definitely “husband material”. Once I turned down a guy’s request for a relationship because he looked dreadful in trouser and jacket. I won’t call that one suit. But afterwards, I felt bad a bit because I must add that I did miss out on a great guy.  That was several years ago and I was young and foolish so please forgive me.

Please share your views on this issue and do let us know the style of dressing that rocks your boat.



  1. Avatar

    I agree Amber…there’s nothing as appealing as a good man in suit. Thank God for James Bond. Even an ugly man will look presentable, enough to bring home to daddy and mummy. As for me tho I don’t think the clothes make the man. It’s the man that makes the clothes look good. A wife beater knows how to dress well in suit. Nice article tho.

    • Segun Pryme

      I guess the assumption is that the dude is level-headed, not some wife beater. Debikay, assuming the dude has most of the qualities of a “good guy,” would his dress sense be a plus?

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    “Even an ugly man will look presentable, enough to bring home to daddy and mummy.”

    Lol true. To me what makes any man attractive is how he carries himself – and there’s a fine line between confidence and conceit/narcissism. There are plenty upon plenty of ‘pretty’ vain boys out there, what makes one stand out? There is no outfit that quite fits and endears like confidence on a man.

      • Avatar

        The first thing I notice are his eyes then his smile and then his appearance and how he carries himself. I like to fancy myself a skilled reader of people – I can tell almost everything about ‘who’ you are by the look in your eyes.

        But no mistake oh…a stylish dress sense is also tops on the list lol. You cannot look like a scrub and expect anyone to give you a second glance. That was one of the first things I noticed in my husband, his impeccable sense of style. And I tell him all the time – he’s always the best looking & dressed guy in the room whenever we go out, in a way that doesn’t come across as vain 🙂 makes me very proud and ready to go back home lol :).