Watch Gidi Up Season 2 Episodes 6, 7 & 8


Ndani TV released episodes 6, 7, and 8 of the hit series Gidi Up Season 2. Check on the previous episodes if you missed it.

Watch and enjoy!

Episode 6 – These Babes Aint Loyal

Eki and Tokunbo confront the consequences of their actions as she reveals her secret to him. Obi is blackmailed into taking a listener of Gidi Fm on a date; and things continue to heat up between Yvonne and Meka, while the situation between her and Sharon becomes worse.

Episode 7 – Whats Best for the Business

Tokunbo has to come to terms with the revelation of Ekis secret, and how this affects his new relationship with Ify. Things continue to heat up between Meka and Yvonne when they find themselves under the same roof. Obi finds out the perks of having a sugar mummy and Jola and Monye find out the consequences of having the right feelings for the wrong people.

Episode 8 – The End Of The Road

Eki and Tokunbo make a heart wrenching decision. Monye confides in Yvonne about Sam’s party. Obi discovers that he might be in over his head and Sharon gets a sneaking suspicion.



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