#Funny: 7 Signs of Chronic Bad Breath (Mouth Odor)


I just endured an excruciating discussion with someone. I almost fainted through the talk. It was like the person swallowed an entire sewage system. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell him/her (trying not to give the gender away) he/she had a bad breath AKA mouth odor, medically called halitosis.

I’m getting this person a pack of Tic-Tac (or Tomtom, buttermint, even agbalumo…anything will do) to help with the mouth odor.

Do you have bad breath and you don’t know it? Help is on the way! Here are seven surefire signs of chronic mouth odor.

1. Whenever you talk during an argument, you always win.

  • If you find yourself in situations where your friends would rather not argue with you, or they’d rather do what you tell them than to listen to you talk, you are a prime mouth odor candidate.

2. Folks sitting beside you in church immediately fall under the anointing when the preacher says “tell your neighbor….”

  • They’d rather fake the Holy Ghost than have you tell them anything. 

3. Your calls keep dropping when you try to talk on the phone.

  • Check your breath before blaming it on bad network (all you T-mobile, MTN, Airtel folks…).

4. Babies scream when you attempt to carry and sing for them.

  • This one needs no further explanation. Na only you waka come? why else will the poor babies cry?

5. You try to whisper into someone’s ear and they tell you “I’m late for an appointment, please text me.”

  • They just can’t wait to get out of that vicinity.

6. You try to kiss your date – after the 7th date – and he/she tells you “I’m keeping myself for marriage..”

  • In this situation, call the ambulance. Your case is almost beyond repair. 

7. If you read through this and you don’t laugh, you definitely have a chronic spiritual case of mouth odor. Even a dentist can’t help you. See T.B Joshua or your nearest spiritualist for deliverance!

PS: If you take this too seriously, na im be say water don pass garri for your case. Overtake don overtake “overtake” for your matter!

~ Mallam Pryme


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