Luxurious Wedding Gifts At President Jonathan’s Daughter’s Wedding


Malivelihood Luxury was contracted to pimp some of the wedding gifts guests received that the president’s daughters’s wedding yesterday April 12th.

It was a gold and diamond affair with the gold plated iPhones topping it all.

Check on some pictures….



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    This is wht I will call ” I can’t shout wedding gift “. I also online that the couple recieved over 100 cars as wedding gifts. That was expected .. Many of these car gift givers have benefitted or yet to benefit for GEJ govt. I wish the couple a blissful marital lives together

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      I heard they got lots of cars too. Of course, all those seeking favor from Mr. President have impress him with their gifts. If it’s true, the couple have enough cars to start a car dealership…lol.

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      That’s ridiculous… See how Nigerians are spending money when there is soooo much that needs to be done for the country!! It is very sad…

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    Congrats to married couple!! Everything looks perfect and shared pictures are awesome. Good way to spend money on daughter and I think can only some people can do. I must say his daughter is truly lucky. Thanks for sharing this post.