Getting Married Soon? Would You Consider Buying Wedding Insurance?


Pardon my ignorance, I just found out today that there’s something called a wedding insurance, and more Americans are buying it! I know about health, auto, home, appliance, and business insurance, but wedding insurance?

I guess it will come in handy in situations where the groom (or the bride) develops cold feet just few days before the wedding. In such situations the other spouse wouldn’t have to worry about all the money spent in preparing for the big occasion. 
Also, considering that the cost of the average American wedding is about $26,000, more soon-to-be couples are buying these policies to protect against losses from extreme weather, illness, or even a sudden change of heart.
One woman paid $500 to insure her daughter’s $50,000 destination wedding last October in New Orleans, Louisiana. Considering that October is hurricane season, I think spending that extra $500 for a wedding of this magnitude isn’t a bad idea. Luckily, the weather cooperated, but the limousine never showed up. Her daughter took a taxi cab to the church, and they used the insurance policy to claim the deposit money they couldn’t get back from the limo driver. 
I really think it’s a good idea considering what it could potentially cover. On the flip side, if nothing happens, then you lose the money. 
There are few things to keep in mind if you are considering getting coverage for your wedding. Every insurance policy and every wedding scenario is different. Be sure to talk to your insurance broker as you need to fully understand every detail of your policy. Don’t forget to ask about the deductibles.
My people, would you get, or advise someone to get wedding insurance? Let me know what you think.

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    Very interesting. Well, considering how much Nigerians tend to spend on weddings, I think it’s a good idea to spend 1% for insurance, provided the coverage os satisfactory.