Lullabies Have Pain-relieving Powers, Says Academics

Photo: Alamy

Not sure if this really needed a “study” by “academics” to figure out but they did anyways.

According to the research conducted at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospitals, parents should sing to their children when they hurt themselves as lullabies help to reduce their pain and “alleviate their suffering.”

When singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to your little ones, be assured you are soothing them in a scientifically proven way.

The researchers worked with three groups of hospitalized children all under 3 years old, some of whom were waiting for heart transplants, singing lullabies to one, reading stories to another and the poor third group was left alone entirely.

The children’s heart rates and pain perception were all monitored and only the ones who heard soothing songs showed decreases in both categories.

“It shows that children can be affected physiologically by music,” study author Professor David Hargreaves said. “The practical applications are fairly obvious. Music therapists are going to be a lot cheaper than drugs to numb pain.”

Well, its good to know that this effect can be proven with a study. Meanwhile, let me to take some music lessons to I can sing the best lullaby to babies…lol



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