Girl Makes Her Boyfriend Kneel While She Slaps and Humiliates Him [Video]


The internet went agog yesterday after pictures of a 20-year-old Chinese woman who was arrested after belittling her 23-year-old boyfriend by forcing him to kneel in the street and repeated slapping him surfaced online.

The woman, who Hong Kong police said has the surname Cheng, was apprehended and charged with simple assault.

The disagreement was sparked when it emerged the boyfriend, whose name is Chui, had bought another woman home (possibly the other woman in the video – a sister, or friend). He denied the accusation in the clip, claiming there was a misunderstanding.

“Why did you tell her to go to your apartment?” Cheng says in a translated version of the video.

“Listen to me first before beating me,” the man responds. “I told her not to come.”

Cheng, was later arrested while Chui was taken to hospital.

Here’s the translated video…

Guys, what would you do if you were Chui?

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    I know I am late, but I just got a chance to watch this video… My question is why did the guy stay there to be slapped as if that was his mother? Also, no one got in the middle or tried to stop the girl from slapping the young man… Crazy!!! LOL “Slapped in the name of love” indeed!!

    • Avatar

      Paula, I really want to believe its another hoax, it seem like its real. I can’t seem to fathom why anybody (male or female) would willingly kneel and be humiliated. If this was where I come from, we’d say he’s under a spell.

  2. Avatar

    Ok that was direspectful to a man as she is woman. She is ugly as f.. and she repeatedly hit and humiliated him in public. Is she a human at all? If I was him, I will not kneel but call the police on her. What a crazy b…