The Man “Steve Biko” remembered


in time we shall be in a position to bestow upon South Africa the greatest gift possible – a more human face

On September 12, 1977 (36 years ago today) anti-apartheid agitator, writer and co-founder of the Black Consciousness Movement Stephen Bantu Biko died while in police custody. Today’s outpouring of tributes across the world is further proof that Biko’s legacy is very much alive. We looked at five instances of how the Black Consciousness Movement leader has been remembered by South African artists. The story surrounding his death in police custody is no news to the South african people, but to other Africans; Steve Biko was a social activist to the core. He was soon after his death called the Martyr of “Anti-apartheid Movement”. There exist so many tributes in honor of this great man who was buried in Eastern Cape province in the town cemetery near the railroad tracks. The main student union buildings of the University of Cape Town are named in his honor and each year a “Steve Biko” lecture open to all students is delivered on the anniversary of his death. Student buildings all over the world are also named in his honor e.g. University of Manchester student union building, Oxford road campus; Ruskin college, Oxford has a dormitory named after him; University of California, Santa Cruz also has a section of dormitories called the “Steve Biko” house.
South Africa however celebrates this giant of african liberty in form of arts which is the main highlight of this expose’.

Mural of Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Cisse Gool, Imam Haron (2010)
Artist: Faith 47
Location: District Six, Cape Town

Tribute to Steve Biko (1992)
Artist: Willie Bester 

The Biko Statue
Artist: Naomi Jacobson
Location: City Hall, Oxford Street, East London
It left him cold – the death of Steve Biko (1990)
Artist: Sam Nhlengethwa 
Watch a rare interview of “Steve Biko” with a German TV station


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