What Famous Celebrities Would Look Like as Normal People


Danny Evans, a New York City artist, used Photoshop to show what he thinks some famous Hollywood celebrities will look like if they had “normal” lives.

According to the source:

It was a reaction to the insanely over-retouched photos of celebrities that are everywhere,” says the artist. The series started back in 2006: reacting to a crazy over-exposure of Paris Hilton, Danny photoshopped some images by putting her face on random pictures.

Eventually it evolved into visualizations of celebrities without their personal trainers, stylists and dietists. Danny says the feedback from the celebs he targets has been positive so far!

It’s interesting how these celebrities look chubby, especially the Kanye – Kim picture. Check it out and share your thoughts.

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    You know they have all that pressure (to sell their movies, music..) to look good, hot, and sexy…that’s one of the reason why they look the way most look now