Meet This Amazing Drummer Who is ‘Handicapable’


Dean Zimmer is a rock drummer who’s been playing for 30 years. He’s opened for numerous popular band. He also happens to need a wheelchair to get around. But, as Gregg Bissonette (a professional drummer who’s played for David Lee Roth and Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band) says, “Anybody can play fast, but … he’s really a musical drummer.”

Zimmer said he’s never had a music class and that all he’s ever known is how to “play from the heart.” And watching him play, you’ll believe that.

The next time you catch yourself griping about, well, anything really, remember (as it says at the end of this clip): “Dean Zimmer lives in Southern California and is available for musical projects. But you have to rock.”

Get inspired!

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