How We Lost Our Capacity To Innovate – Okechukwu Ofili


Okechukwu Ofili is one of the few young Nigerians that has been able to combine his professional experience as a Design Engineer (graduated from University of Houston – Go Coogs!) with his love for art and writing.

His blog – is one of the few blogs focused on encouraging and empowering young Nigerians to take charge of their future. His imaginative prowess is unparalleled. He is also the founder of Okadabooks, a mobile platform that provides access to lots of e-books by Nigerian authors.

His blog articles are known for their humor, honesty and creativity in challenging the status-quo of work, life and family. They have consistently been featured in numerous online blogs including Bellanaija, YNaija and FABmagazine.

Ofili recently spoke at TEDx in Nigeria. Listen to what he had to say about our innovative abilities.

You can check out Ofili’s blog and follow him on twitter.




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    Our capacity to innovate stems from an environment that discourages it and the inability to obtain capital. Silicon Valley (and the US in general) is innovative because of these two main reasons.

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      You’ve made a good point. However, things are beginning to change as regards to obtaining capital. Several Venture capitalist are beginning to emerge in Africa (I don’t have the details on Nigeria but definitely in Kenya). Also, out educational system needs an overhaul. Students need to get involved in my project-type learning and not just memorizing textbooks without any applicable experience.

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      The educational system is performing as expected of a society that does not encourage innovation financially.

      Let investors back up the fledgling innovation with money and watch the number of projects students undertake grow.

      Kudos to the current African venture capitalists; hope to join their ranks soon 🙂

      It’s me.