A Bra Vending Machine? Grab A Bra To Go

Who thinks about something like this? When you hear the words vending machine, what comes to mind are things like Snickers, M&Ms, drinks, and other snacks. Thanks to Shibuya in Japan, you can now add bra to the mix. So when next somebody tells you they are going to get two cups at the vending machine, don’t just assuming they are referring to cups of coffee. They might be referring a a new bra.
According to Huffington Post, Japanese lingerie company Wacoal has just started shilling bras straight out of a vending machine. That’s right, the same receptacle with which you mull over the decision between Snickers and M&M’s is now where you can buy your undergarments. The debut machine is now at Wacoal’s Une NaNa Cool specialty shop in Shibuya, Japan, and it’s stocked with various sizes of the brand’s $30 Fun Fun Week bras in clear plastic bags.
Worried about finding the right size? There’s apparently a bust-sizing chart on the vending machine itself to make sure that the dispensed bra will (most likely) fit. With bra sizes continuously increasing and women becoming more and more aware of proper fit, we wonder if something like this can take off. Sure, it’s quick and easy, but this may prove to be quite the challenge for women navigating the Wild Wild West of bra shopping — one day we hear that the whole cup system is being thrown out the window and the next we hear bras are a “false necessity.”
For me, I’d stick to my M&Ms and Snickers! 
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