Video: The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress


This another interesting and informative video about what you can do to reduced your stress level. If you haven’t, you should watch the video on the single best thing we can do for our health.

I just love the way Dr. Mike Evans breaks down a complex issue and presents it, with solutions, in an easy to understand and entertaining manner.

Let’s face it, lot of people complain about being stressed out – stressed about jobs, family, friends….and the list goes on.

Watch this video and I hope you learn a thing or two about changing the way you think. Enjoy!

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    A great video by Dr Mike. I especially enjoyed the way he uses visuals to convey his message. Truth is, we can really eliminate a lot of stressors by changing our outlook on life. Lots of things the we hold very dearly aren’t really as important as we portray them to be.

    Good job Segun. I’ve gone through a couple of your posts and I find them entertaining and inspiring. What happened to the inspiration section? You haven’t posted on in about a week.