Life Lessons From a 35 Seconds Video Clip


Sometimes the simplest situations teach us some of the biggest life lessons.

Watch this video titled “3 Pieces of Wise Advice” which the content owner captioned with three advice:

  • Never lose hope before time.
  • Never celebrate before time.
  • Never leave your post before the battle is over.

For soccer lovers around the world, you have a good understanding of what’s going on in the video. It seemed like the  soccer game ended in a draw and winner had to be decided by penalty shootout. I’m not sure if this was the last spot kick, but it was a sure game changer.

So, what’s the correlation between this video and our daily living?

I’m glad you asked. Let’s explore each lesson and how it relates to life. Shall we?

Never lose hope before time
The player gave up right after the ball hit the bar. Notice his countenance changed immediately; he went from a place of confidence to complete lethargy, downright disappointment, and sadness.

How many times have you given up on your dreams, goals, or ambitions, careers…? You feel like you’ve invested a lot into something and it’s not working out the way you envisioned it. I’m sure this resonates with a lot of us.

I once started a small electronics business. I bought laptops and navigation systems and resold it. The business shut down after about three months – not because I didn’t make money, but the sales weren’t coming as fast as I wanted. I failed to realized that I could have improved sales with a better marketing strategy. Just posting an ad on Craigslist is not enough marketing strategy.

Time is a constant factor as we navigate through life, and there is an appointed time for everything under the sun. It’s important to keep pushing, keep moving, keep reinventing, and developing yourself in preparation for that appointed time.

I wrote a post about moving forward where I encouraged readers to remain focused and never lose hope. Giving up is the easiest thing to do. But what is the opportunity cost? Greatness lies ahead of you only if you can keep dreaming and refuse to give up when faced with challenges.

Never celebrate before time
The keeper got so excited that he became oblivious to the referee and everything else around him. He was eager to go celebrate with his teammates. You can imagine how disappointed he felt after realizing that his celebration was short-lived.

While celebration is encouraged as you reach certain milestones on the road map to your goal, it is important not to dwell so much on those achievements. Rather, let them spur you into action towards reaching the next goal.

I’d rather not celebrate at all than to celebrate before time. It’s like counting your eggs before they hatch.

Never leave your post before the battle is over
In life, it’s important to stay focused on the current task. There should be no loose ends. The keeper left the post while the referee was yet to officially signal that the penalty isn’t a goal.

Have you been tasked with something lately and you get distracted by other things that aren’t as important? As a blogger, I easily got carried away on social media sites when I should be working on my blog post. By the time I finally got back to writing, I realized that I have spent too much time doing different things without completing anything. To solve that problem, I made a schedule where I allocated time for various blog-related activities.

It is better to drill one hole a hundred meters deep than drill hundred holes one meter deep. Focus on one task and do very well at it before moving on to the next task.

What do you think?
These are some of my thoughts on the video. What other lessons can you think about?  I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the topic in the comment below.



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    Good question Rachael. Distractions are like weeds that compete with plants for nutrient. Anything that takes your attention off your task/goal is a distraction. In my example, connecting with readers through social media is part of the off blog activities. However, spending time on these sites when I should be writing a post constitutes a distraction.

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      That example is not a distraction; it’s part of marketing your product to your readers. Articles are useless without readers and authors who disregard marketing and feedback (a multi-billion dollar industry) do so to their peril.

      It’s me.

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    Rachael Aminu on

    But most goalies don’t stay at the post,when the game is over ^poor guy^ …and how do you recognize distractions, especially when it’s in line with your goals?

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      If you are true to yourself and your goals, you’ll know when your action is a distraction.

      It’s me.

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    Those are important words of wisdom. And I’ll add one to it as well. Believe in favor (or luck, God, universe, blessing, etc); it’s equally important to understand that there are elements of success which we cannot control and the best we can do is to hope.
    What happened in the clip had little to do with the player or the goalkeeper; it also had an element of favor in it. The ball could have gone completely over the fence; it could have gone in the opposite direction; the keeper could have simply waited for it. By normal definition of circumstance, the ball shouldn’t have been a goal; however, favor stepped in and basically caused circumstances to move in the player’s favor.

    This equally happens sometimes when a student who studied for a little time found out that the questions came from the part he studied, whereas another dedicated student who decided to skip a chapter failed because the test came from that particular chapter. Or his pen failed. Or he got stuck in traffic. Or woke up late. Or fell sick right before the test day.

    While our goal is to prepare as best we can, we must also believe that favor will be with us in whatever we do. This isn’t limited to Christians alone; it’s a phenomenon that transcends all religions.

    It’s me.