Newborn Baby Rescued Alive After Being Flushed Down The Toilet


A 2-day-old baby who was trapped in a sewage pipe was miraculously rescued after being flushed down the lavatory headfirst in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang on Saturday afternoon, Chinese State TV reports.

Emergency crew were called to an apartment block in the city of Jinhua on Saturday afternoon after residents alerted authorities to what they believe was the sound of a baby crying in the sewage pipe. It turned out that the residents’ suspicion was true.

The rescue operation took about two hours as firefighters had to remove an L-shaped section of the pipe, 10 cm in diameter, and take it to the hospital, where doctors carefully cut it open to release the infant.

It is not uncommon for babies to be abandoned in China, which has imposed a one-child policy for more than three decades. Couples can face fines if they violate the policy. But this latest case, according to Chinese State TV,  has led to widespread soul-searching about the country’s moral state.

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