Newborn abandoned on the sand at Hawaii beach


A baby girl was dumped and found crying in the sand at a Hawaii beach shortly after she was born. According to the Department of Human Services Director Patricia McManaman said the 8-pound newborn was “abandoned immediately after birth.”

It’s so sad that a human being could be regarded as trash left in the sand. This baby could have been taken away by the tide, an animal,or anything. Thankfully, a woman found the baby and took her to the hospital where she’s responding nicely and feeding very well.

I cannot help but wonder why a mother or anyone would do this to a day old baby. How much value do we place on life? There’s no telling what this child could be in future. The irony of the situation is that there are folks out there that are hoping and praying to have a children yet, some are lucky enough to have children and choose not to value them.

Few days ago, I posted the story about a UK mom who forced her 14-year-old daughter to be a surrogate mother all because she desperately wanted a fourth child but couldn’t bare one by herself. Maybe if the woman had found someone who was ready to donate a baby, she wouldn’t go as far with her daughter.

Honestly, I try to empathize with feelings of fear, confusion, and pain the mothers that abandon their babies feel at the time of childbirth, but I just don’t understand not taking the baby to a safe location. If anything, give the baby up for adoption.

You may wonder why I assumed the baby’s mother committed this atrocious act. It’s because no one has come to claim the baby yet. There’s been no calls to the police about a missing baby, no family member has called to claim the poor child.

There are lots of unanswered questions surrounding the identity of the baby’s parent. All we can do at this point is to speculate about what could possibly have led someone to abandon a baby by the beach.

If no one comes forward to claim the baby by the end of the week, the Department of Human Services will file a petition with family court, asking for custody.

There are other points I didn’t touch on. Share your thoughts and don’t be afraid to disagree or touch on other important points!


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