Incredible: 84-Year-Old New Mexico Woman Indicted For Drug Trafficking


In another bizarre news, an 84-year-old New Mexico woman who uses an oxygen tank was indicted for drug trafficking.

The Associated Press reports that Lillie Smith was indicted by a Bernalillo County grand jury for trafficking, conspiracy to commit trafficking, tampering with evidence and possession – all charges stemming from a 2011 warrant.

Authorities originally suspected the woman’s son, Nathan Jones, was running a drug operation out of her home. But they found cocaine and marijuana, scales, money, narcotics and other items believed to be connected to trafficking on Smith as she tried to pull a fast one by hiding the evidence during the investigation.

“It’s definitely not something you see every day,” said Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Aaron Williamson. “When detectives were on scene she did try to take the narcotics that were on her person out and stash them.”

Jones was arrested in 2011 but Smith wasn’t because of a medical condition. The district attorney’s office filed charges and a grand jury returned the indictment earlier this year.

Smith was arrested in April but bonded out of jail. Her next court appearance is in July.

The story sounds like a script in a Tyler Perry’s Madea movie…Bizarre but funny.


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