Want to pass your next exam? Try practicing the art of Zen


Yes, that’s right! According to research, meditating for just six minutes before going to lectures could help students improve their grades.

A group of university students in California participated in a study and it was found that those who practiced the art of Zen had better grades on tests. Also, students who meditated before classes had longer attention span.

First year students generally did better in the study, leading researchers to speculate that younger students who find it difficult to concentrate could benefit more from meditation.

I don’t practice meditation but I noticed that I’m generally more productive on days when I take time to plan ahead in the morning.

Research has also shown that taking long walks in the morning to plan out your day could have the same effect as meditation.

I’d love to hear your experience. Do you perform better when you plan your day or are you more effective when things happen spontaneously?


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