Saggy pants in Louisiana? That’ll be 50 bucks, Sir!


What better way to begin this interesting discussion than to remind readers of the famous pants on the ground video. On Wednesday April 10th, Louisiana’s Terrebonne Parish approved a ban on saggy pants and skirts that “expose the skin or undergarments.”

According to the new law, first time offenders pay $50 fine, $100 for the second, and $100 plus 16 hours of public service for each subsequent offense.

There are several arguments about the origin of sagging but the general consensus is that it started in prison. “The problem is our young men are emulating prisoners. It sends a sign that you’re available for sex. It’s a bad example to set,” said council member Russell Hornsby.

While I’m not a fan of sagging, I’m not sure if this issue warrants another legislation. I think there are lots of pressing issues that need attention than saggy pants. I must also add that I don’t live in Terrebonne Parish so I don’t know how “bad” the issue is. However, I do know that the society frowns upon sagging but not to the point of banning it.

What do you think? Do you feel uncomfortable around someone who sags?  Share your thoughts.


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