Beaver attacks and kills man in Belarus

A man who wanted to take a picture with the beaver he noticed on the side of the road was attacked by the beaver. 
A “you’re so cute” moment turned into a horrific and tragic moment for the man. According to the DailyTelegraph, the beaver attacked, sank its sharp teeth into the man’s thigh and ruptured one of his major arteries.
The man, who was visiting Lake Shestakov with his fishing buddies bled uncontrollably despite intense effort by his friends to stop the bleeding. 
Sergei Shtyk, the deputy head of the region’s wildlife inspectorate noted how strange it was for the men to have run into the beaver since beavers are nocturnal.
The moral of this tragic event: be careful to approach strange animals you randomly spot on the road. Stray animals tend to have rabies and other diseases. Keep your distance.