April Fool’s prank gone wrong: Boy lands in hospital, girl lands in jail


An April Fool’s prank in Wagoner county, Oklahoma, landed a teenage girl in jail and her boyfriend treated in a hospital. 

On Monday, Tori Wheeler, 18, jokingly told her boyfriend, Derek Bauer that she was pregnant and he reacted angrily to the news. As part of the prank, Tori pulled out a knife and threatened Derek (wrong move!).

But when Derek continued to grow angry and said he would call the police, Tori allegedly lost her temper, cut Derek across the throat and bit him twice.

Derek was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. He needed seven stitches for the cuts to his neck. Luckily, his injuries weren’t considered to be life threatening and he has since been released.

Tori was was taken to the county jail where she faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

So much for April Fool…



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    lesson of the day, don’t jokingly tell a guy you are pregnant..ain’t nobody got time for that !