11-Year Old ends up in ER after mom opts for in-school spanking

Photo Credit: WTVM
Is it OK to let someone else spank your child? How about spanking your child at school, in the principal’s office or in front of her classmates? 11-year old Jordyn Booth whose mom opted for in-school spanking (3 spanks) rather than a 3-day suspension recently filed a police report for child abuse.  Her daughter’s pain was so severe that she was taken to the ER at St. Francis Hospital. She was there for four days.

East Columbus Magnet Academy had called Yancie to inform her Jordyn was misbehaving. What did she do? The school said Jordyn bullied another student when she drew a picture of him with long pigtails when his hair is actually short. Is that enough reason to spank a child?

What is the thin or should I say thick line between a corrective swat and child abuse? Is corporal punishment a healthy discipline technique that school administrators should be allowed to use? I disagree. If biological parents can easily cross the line between discipline and abuse unintentionally, how much more someone else who doesn’t know your child like you do? And school administrators are supposed to be child development experts!

“When I got paddled, it felt like he was hitting me with something else because it really hurt. I told him that he was hitting me hard. And, when I got finished being paddled, I ran in the corner and started crying,” said the little girl. The child felt the pain for three to four weeks according to her mom, and stayed in the hospital for four days.

Would you let someone else spank your child?

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