Is New York Barber Wrong for Cutting One-week-old Infant’s Hair?

 How Young is Too Young? Barber cuts a one-week infant’s hair.

There are mixed opinions about a certain New York barber. His video is trending on social media but maybe for a different reason. Here’s what he posted on Instagram. Watch the video below.

Rico London was excited about cutting an infant’s hair – the youngest infant. Well, the public did not receive his accomplishment too well. Following the criticism, the Harlem barber posted another video defending his action. The mom said it was her religion, and he had not choice but to respect it.

But, there were loads of questions. Critics and some followers wondered why he could not simply say no. In the video, the baby looked uncomfortable. The mom had to eventually give him a pacifier to soothe him, which made some viewers wonder why she did not do that in the first place. Also, what religion requires a mother to shave off her baby’s hair at one-week.

Not all the questions will be answered. Meanwhile, check the barber’s post below, and tell us what you think. Is the barber wrong for cutting the one-week-old infant’s hair.

Her: Can you cut my son’s hair ?

Me: You’re not supposed to cut your child’s hair until your child can talk.

Her: But it’s my religion!

Me: if it’s your religion I got to respect that . No problem!

Wow shout out to the youngest baby, kid whatever you want to call it that I ever cut in my whole lif ! He is only 1 week old! Today was different!

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