Dr. David Watts – How to Treat and Heal Cracked Feet

Cracked feet, a common skin issue – now has a quick remedy.

Some people’s feet are cracked due to stress or lack of care. Others are athletes or average Joe who have neglected this skin issue. Dr. David Watts, an iconic plastic surgeon at Johns Hopkins Medical School, says his team has discovered a new way to treat damaged feet; this discovery could change the way we view skin health forever.

Interestingly, the new method is designed for folks over age 40 who have dry, callused, and painful feet; but, the team found out it works with a totally different group of people, including military veterans.

“When I saw the results, I was shocked,” Dr. Watts said. “I’ve been healing skin my entire life. I’ve never seen outcomes like this.”

Dr. Watts is also an Army Major at Walter Reed Medical Center. He wanted to stop the ongoing foot problems that affected people in uniform.

“If you’ve ever marched in standard issue boots, you know about foot pain. That’s actually the most common reason we pull guys out of combat — not wounds or injuries, but foot pain and infections.”

So, the surgeon/Army major/Professor created a new technique for dealing with foot problems; this method starts healing feet in just 5 minutes. Anyone can try this cure in the convenience of their house. Users have been shocked by the results; others say that their foot pain has reduced significantly after using this method for just a few weeks; also, calluses are almost all gone. Users’ feet look younger.


Check out Dr. Watts’ video that unveils the cool invention to foot healing.


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