Yay or Nay: High heels for babies

High heels for babies?

Parents slam a children’s shoe company hover its range of high heels made for babies.

The name of the company is Pee Wee Pumps, and it is based in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Pee Wee Pumps creates soft slippers with pointed toes and collapsible heels for infants up to six months old.

The shoes come in different prints and styles: leopard print, zebra print, and satin styles. Also, they have names such as ‘Sassy’, ‘Diva’ and ‘Glamorous’; the shoes are promoted on the brand’s Instagram page with pictures of infant girls dressed up in fancy costumes.

Parents are criticizing the controversial brand on Facebook this week, claiming it is ‘disgusting’ and that the images ‘sexualized’ young girls.

What do you guys think?

baby in heels baby in heels

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