Overeating causes fatal liver disease and stones in Teens


Overeating is not uncommon in our generation.

…And the burger joints, fast food chains, and all-you-can-eat buffet are not helping either.

A health consultant and hepatologist, Dr. Jude Oben, is treating close to a dozen teenagers with fatty liver disease. One of these teens is a 13-year-old who has 21 stones. Also, Dr. Oben noted to The Mail that some of the teens have developed a mature Cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis is when the liver shuts down because it had to process a large amount of food or alcohol over time. It is unfortunate that overeating is damaging the livers of these young kids; however, it is inevitable. The health system, especially in the United States is unbalanced.

A lot of people focus on dieting and exercise; Unfortunately, the kids are left to handle their health. Overeating and decline in physical activity is the main cause of obesity in U.S.

Look at Coca-Cola. One small bottle was about 20 ounces. But one bottle of Coke was shared between four people? I still remember how my two siblings and I had to share one bottle during Christmas. That was pleasurable! Did some people drink the whole bottle? Yes. But that was not a norm. Also, most people in Nigeria don’t drink soda and juice everyday. In comparison, today, one bottle is about 26 ounces. That bottle has 240 calories – that is close to 10% of an average man’s daily recommended calorie intake and 130% of his added sugars for the day.

Today, one child (especially teens) can gulp one can of soda in minutes. Some teens even take seconds. Lol. Overeating needs to be curbed. This may be a job for parents, health administrators, and school principals and board (cafeteria).

The study and treatment is taking place at  Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London, England.

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