Chibok Reunion Celebration Continues….Hope for Others?

The celebration of the 21 Chibok girls reunited with their loved ones continues!

With joy, on Sunday in Abuja, 21 Chibok girls reunited with their families and loved ones. This is their first time meeting each other in over two and half years!

Parents cried and were overwhelmed with a lot of emotions  – some, even in disbelief. They held on tightly to their daughters who have been missing. A mother even tied her daughter to her back carrying her like a baby.

However, this joyful occasion was not the same for others; some parents were sad and cried bitterly because their daughters are still missing.

Mutah – one of the fathers who is celebrating the return of his daughter said:

“I was very happy to see my daughter but I’m also praying for the other daughter to be released. I asked Asabe about her sister [Margaret] and if she was alive. I asked her five times to be sure. I wanted to know the truth if she’s alive or if she’s been married off to Boko Haram. But she told me she’s alive. I’m praying she will come back soon.”

During a church service organized by the government officials earlier before the reunion, they prayed for the remaining girls.

Most interestingly, if you recall, there had been reports that the 276 missing school girls had been converted to Islam. On Sunday, the girls made a statement by holding up their Bibles to symbolize their freedom of worship.

Good news! Yet, there is still hope for the others. CNNAfrica noted that there is still talks and negotiation for the release of the remaining girls. But, what happens next? How will these girls who have been removed from civilization rehabilitate and recover? Will the community be able to help them live a “normal” life?


Picture credit: CNN

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