#OMG! Student “Sowed” £13,000 Tuition Fees…Find Out What her Parents Did?


 A student gave her school fees, £13,000 ($14 624,82) to the church as a “seed of faith”. Her parents, family members, and friends are extremely upset with her action. OMgee!

@WitWinnie recently shared an incident that happened in their family on Twitter. Her cousin used her £13,000 school fees to sow a seed of faith at a Church, and her mom almost went back to the church to get the money back if the family members did not intervene.

This issue caused a controversy online as people offered their candid opinion. Here’s what Winnie tweeted:

“My cousin used her fees to sow seed in her church. Now, her fees was about £13,000. She went for a church programme and dropped it.”

“Family went mad. What she had left was her 6 months rent and her 2 months allowance. Trust me, her dad almost made her defer her studies that year.

“Babe was almost ostracised by family members that year. Everyone thought she has been charmed or so.

“Her mum almost went back to the church to ask for the money back but family members kicked against it.

“Her mum made her work for part of that fees in the UK.

“I won’t mention any denomination but she attends one of those Naija churches that only emphasize on sewing seed and what not.

“Do not be deceived. God will answer your prayers if you don’t sow a seed. I promise you. I’m a living testimony.

“Use church members money to build Universities but a widow that casted her mite can’t afford to send her kids there. I cast different fam

“I rarely go to church but I can count my blessings. I mean can count what God has done for me. I pray in my house and give the needy

What do you think….should students “sow” (give) their tuition fees as “offering” or “seed of faith”?

sowed seed

snapshot of Winnie’s tweet roll on Twitter

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