Sean Kory, America’s Next Hot Mug Shot


Remember 30-year-old , the good-looking felon that took America by storm? Well, move over Meeks because there’s a new hot mug shot in town…introducing California stud, Sean Kory.

29-year-old Kory was arrested for allegedly beating up a guy at a party because he dressed up like a Fox News anchor as his Halloween costume – silly right? Apparently, he assaulted the man with a tennis racket. No matter how awful his crime may sound or be, Kory’s pretty boy look and bad boy attitude with murky green eyes has the web screaming: “American’s next hot mug shot!:

It’s also interesting how much Kory and Meeks seem to look alike.

The Mail Online reported the details:

Sean Kory was in downtown Santa Cruz when he allegedly saw the person in costume and screamed ‘I hate Fox News’ before grabbing their microphone prop. Kory’s accused of then started hitting the innocent bystander with an aluminium racket he was carrying. It isn’t known whether Kory was also in costume — or why he had a tennis racket. After a short chase he was tracked down, restrained and arrested. Kory was booked into the county jail, Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark said in a news release.

After TMZ announced Meeks was given a modeling contract, it turned out to be false. So, any possibility of Sean Kory getting a modeling contract? most likely not. However, it looks like he’ll be getting some celebrity status and media spotlight for a while.

mug shot

Sean Kory (left) and Jeremy Meeks (right)

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