Album Review: Olamide – Baddest Guy Ever Liveth

Olamide dropped the much awaited album titled “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth” with 21 tracks.
The first time I saw it was going to be 21 tracks, my expectation level just dropped and I am here thinking ‘no artiste can make 21 great tracks on one album.’ In fact my theory is “the higher the number of tracks, the higher the number of junk”….My theory holds but that depends on what your expectation of the album was. 

Olamide is a skillful rapper no doubt, if you have any doubts, this album would erase that. He raps in English Yoruba, Pidgin and even delivers “Ijebu” rhymes which I thought was down right skillful. However some of this tracks sounded like freestyles that should probably stay on a mix tape album (this is because I thought if Olamide made a 16 track album, he would have easily delivered a flawless one). 

Anyways, enough with my personal rant, let’s go on to review the tracks.

The album starts with an Intro by Dotun of Cool FM lagos (if that was needed? I dunno….. in my opinion, a waste of disk space) where he tries to give a run down of Olamide’s musical path.

The next one is Esupofo…. you will see here that Olamide is a commercial version of Dagrin and he does his thing very well; he plays with the words as much as Dagrin does and he also has rich command of the Yoruba language. This track should have been the intro because he starts paying homage to other rappers at the end. (7/10).

The next track is titled “Rep Adugbo” which I think is pretty decent…and we hear Pheelz on this track, the guy did well on track especially with the way he strolled into the verse. (7/10)

Anifowose” is a marsh up with Wasiu Ayinde’s track also titled “Anifowose.” the track fell short in its mixing, in my opinion, a few decent Yoruba punchlines and there. Olamide almost fell out of beat on one of its verses. This is one of the tracks that I think should stay on a mix tape, because it almost sounds like a freestyle. (6/10)

Skamma is a good track that shows this dude raw skills when it comes to playing with Yoruba phrases, and the guy “PelePele” is pretty decent too. (8/10)

Eleda Mi O, Dope Money, Yemi My Lover, Turn Up, Durosoke, Baddo Love, and Motivation are my best tracks on the album for different reasons. 

On Dope Money, Olamide raps in Ijebu (a western Nigerian variation of the Yoruba language). Its hard enough to rap in yoruba, to now rap in Ijebu…DANG!!!!(9/10)

We all know what Durosoke” and TurnUp” can do to someone on the dance floor. These 2 songs have been around for a while and well received among Nigerians. The video for Durosoke is out there too directed by the one and only Clarence Peters..(9/10) 

“Eleda Mi O” has a Juju feel to it, its like listen to an afrojuju artiste free styling over local beats, Pheelz is no doubt a producer that we can not overlook in this country, he makes a statement on almost every track on this album; never short of ideas. (9/10) P.S: You need to hear the drums at the end of that track.

Motivation” is that track that features Ice Prince Zamani, Endia and Pepanazi…FIRE!!!!!!!!! Ice Prince has a way of killing those tracks on which he is featured then he will start delivering so not so tight lines on his own music. (9/10) 

Another Track that is worthy of mention has to be “Position Yourself.” It is a Makossa beat……….and Olamide sings more than rap on this song (on some Drake kinda tinz…lol). I am sure that the video of this song will come with a dance routing that would rival the skelewu’s and kokoma’s.

The beat on “Gbadun Arawa” sounds like D’banj’s “Mobolowowon” (just the beat without the instrumentation). It’s another commercial hit by Olamide. (8/10) 

“Yemi My Lover” is the rappers song about heart break and a returning lover. Beat – correct, delivery – correct, and he uses assonance pretty well on this track rather than his regular use of Yoruba hyperbole. (8/10) 

A track that is totally different and even sweet on this album is High” featuring Bez. Bez introduces his coarse voice that makes it a pleasure to listen to. (8/10)

“Church” is a head bumping track and it also has a philosophical chorus but the verses did not provide as much depth though, he sounded like an old school rap imitation of junior and pretty on his verses which I thought was pretty cool too and lets not forget Viktoh‘s voice on the bridge sounding like a Wande Coal (8/10)

“Mu emu” is different and he infuses a few Ijebu lines on the verses, the beat is quite simple and Olamide does his thing. (7/10) 

Other tracks like “Sitting on the throne” and “King shit” were pretty Ok in my opinion, it just does not give me that rare feeling….and of course “Rayban Abacha” has been around for so long, if not longer than “Turn up” and “Durosoke”, its a typical Olamide doing his thing over some crank southern style beat and I love the chorus (7/10).
In all, this album is a worthy listen most definitely. You might skip one or two tracks but mostly a listen through and I love it. 

However, I did not review the tracks based on the message and the themes thereof. That is a little bit difficult to do with the Olamide’s sub genre and style of music. So the review was basically based on the sound, beat and rap delivery….I would have loved to pick punch lines from all tracks but they are too many of them. 
P.S: I should take a picture of my “Gunman Pose” in support of this album.

Do you agree with this review? All Olamide fans, we’d like to hear your opinion. Leave your comments.

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  1. I want to see your gunman pose 🙂

    BTW, awesome and real review…totally agree with the fact that more tracks usually means more junk. This album was proof, bit it doesn’t displace the fact that some skills showed through, for example in Yemi my love. I’m not a big fan of the Naija craze ‘durosoke’ but it’s an excellent dance song- slow but jiving!

    Overall, it takes some skills to write 21 tracks and collabo with other talented artists like Iceprince. LOL @ “Ice Prince has a way of killing those tracks on which he is featured then he will start delivering so not so tight lines on his own music.” – I don’t completely agree; I think he’s a little relaxed on his album – perhaps cos there’s no competition. Also, I think ‘Mu emu” is rubbish, but I won’t be surprise if there are fans out there who like it.

    Awesome review thought – very detailed and to the point!

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