Nigerian Government Orders Evacuation It’s Citizens From Syria


Wait a minute! Are there Nigerians living in Syria? As much as I subconsciously believe that Nigerians are everywhere, I find it hard to imagine that anyone would want to leave Nigeria to go live in Syria.

According to Ambassador Martin Uhoimoibhi, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Government of Nigeria has ordered it’s embassy in Syria to begin evacuating Nigerian citizens in the country.

The embassy was directed to ensure a safe passage for Nigerians in the event of any military actions against Syria by the United States and its allies.

I wonder if there are lots of citizens of other African countries in Syria. If you are there and you somehow stumble upon this post, your fellow countrymen called and they requested that you return home.

Here’s to a safe return of citizens of other countries looking to evacuate before it gets really ugly.


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    • Papa K, I think its commendable that the government is helping them leave though. If you ask those Nigerians currently in Syria where they’d rather be, they’ll pick Nigeria over Syria. Despite Boko Haram, people still lead normal lives in Nigeria – even in some northern parts.