Girl Sets Herself On Fire While Twerking


Twerking gone wrong!

In an attempt to make a sexy twerk video for her boyfriend, Caitlin Heller almost got burnt.  Caitlin writes this about the caught-on-camera moment:

I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot 🙂

Watch and see what happened in the video below:

Thankfully, Caitlin was alright. She posted the video on her YouTube page.

Note to Twerkers: Be mindful of your surroundings.

**** This has since be revealed to be a hoax. Click here to watch the real video. ****

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    • abi… I bet she didn’t expect anyone.
      what ladies (esp those taken) go through behind the scenes ain’t small thing man! If God can open our eyes to see them…
      See that one now, almost broke her back for her BOYFRIEND, not even Husband.

  1. Segun,
    Do you know that this video na “arrangementi”? Please this

    It’s really funny how the world “fell” for this prank!! In fact, the name used here is not her real name