Hilarious Video: Desperate Visa Interview


This got me laughing as I reflect on what folks will do to get a visa. Dude is so desperate to get ANY visa. It doesn’t matter if its UK or US.

“Anyhow is a ‘how’, whether ‘somehow’ or ‘however'” – Julius Agwu

Watch and enjoy!

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  1. Mayowa Idowu on

    “No ma, it’s visa, i need visa…i’ve done the application online… As soon as you are finished, i’ll go…I have something doing.”
    Can you give us a length of time?
    “I can’t be away ma… you go market and come home…”

    What type of work do you do?
    “I’m a professional ma, any type…by the time you come back, your this thing is not ordinary again” HAHAHA

    And the funniest…
    Mr. duncan we give British visa
    “Tshew… British, you can gimme that one too…”
    Too Hilarious man! Too many Ma’s… Ma this, Ma that… all lies! lol

    • Mayowa, your comment is making me laugh so hard. You just highlighted the punch lines. You should watch the Obahiagbon video and comment on it. Thanks for visiting.

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